Guam Arrival Quarantine

Guam is a small island, just about 30 miles long! While Guam has a tremendous amount of fauna diversity, it’s small size makes it a very sensitive ecosystem. Because of this, we have some requirements for traveling here with your pet that you might not be used to traveling to other countries.

Specifically, Guam was declared rabies free more than 30 years ago and so we want to make sure your pet is also rabies free before arriving.


This information has not yet been vetted by Guam’s Department of Agriculture. As such, it should not be used as reference at this time.

We are actively working with the DOA to verify the accuracy of this information.

5 Day Quarantine

There's a minimum quarantine of 5 days. To qualify for this, your pet must meet all the normal requirements for entry, and also have a blood test confirming rabies immunization completed at least 120 days before arrival.

120 Day Quarantine

This is the maximum quarantine of 120 days. This is because the blood test confirming rabies immunization is not required for entry to Guam. If you enter without this test, it is administered here and your pet must wait in quarantine 120 days to meet the DOA requirements. If you get this test done before arriving, but not 120 days before arriving, your pet will be quarantined for the remainder of the days to meet the 120 mark.

Step 1

Decide to Move Congratulations! You’re coming to Guam!

Step 2

Contact Guam DOA First things first, contact the Guam Department of Agriculture and let them know you’re planning your move to Guam. They’ll answer any questions you might have and let you know of any changes to policy.

Step 3

Talk To Your Vet The next thing you’ll want to do is get together with your vet and make sure your pet with meet all the requirements in the given deadlines. Worst case scenario, if you have all your paperwork, your pet will be admitted to Guam but will need to spend longer in quarantine. With proper planning and preparation, they’ll only need to spend 5 days in quarantine on arrival.

Step 4

Microchip All pets arriving on Guam need to be microchipped.

Step 5

Annual Immunizations Make sure your pet will be current with their annual immunizations when they arrive. Talk to your vet to be sure. When: no more than 6 months before arrival. *   * and no less than 10 days before arrival

Step 6

Rabies Vaccination When your pet lands on Guam, they need to be current with their rabies vaccination, and have had at least two vaccinations in their life. If they’re not current, they need to get the vaccine at least 90 months before arriving. However, 90 days is the absolute minimum and your pet will need a longer quarantine because as a result. The DOA wants to see that your pet has been immune to rabies for 120 days before they can roam free on Guam. So, get your rabies shots early and your pet can be out of quarantine in just 5 days!

Step 7

Rabies Test This is the big one! The date this test is completed determines of your pet qualifies for the minimum 5 day quarantine, the 1 month quarantine, or the 3 month quarantine. The test you want is the OIE-FAVN which checks your pet’s blood to make sure the rabies vaccination worked and that they are producing their own rabies antibodies to protect themselves. Your vet will help you get this lab work done and understand the results. When: lab work completed 120 days before arrival.

Step 8

Call Us! This is where we come in. You’ll need a confirmed reservation for your quarantine before the DOA will give you an entry permit. Give us a call at (671) 477-8381 or send us an email at Required Forms:

Step 9

Health Certificate This is a last minute checkup to make sure your pet is ready to fly. Since this is so close to the flight, you should meet with your vet before hand and confirm everything is in order. When: within 10 days of flight

Step 10

Submit Application Now you have everything! Submit your permit application to the DOA. They will review and send you back your Import Permit. Without this, you cannot board the plane with your pet.

Enjoy Your Flight!

We’ll be at the airport to meet you. If you’re flying with your pet in the cabin, you’ll give them to the security folks before clearing customs. They will take them over to the cargo area, with all your paperwork, and clear them to us for quarantine. If you’re pet is flying in the cargo hold, they’ll be brought right out to us.


This timeline is our guide to helping you understand the DOA’s requirements. We hope you find it useful, but the DOA’s rules are the law and those requirements are what must be met. Please do communicate with them to be aware of any changes to their process and to ensure your pet is ready to come to Guam.